Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Gameplan - leave Tuesday the 4th

So we're all booked now. Here's the lineup.

We leave this Tuesday the 4th (election day - we've already dropped off our ballots). It's a Northwest flight from Portland to Tokyo and then Tokyo to Beijing. I've flown the Portland to Tokyo flight a few times, but never from the back of the plane. We get in about 9:30 at night on the 5th.

We have a few days to sight see and acclimate on the 6th, 7th and 8th. We then fly on the 9th to Nanning in the province of Guangxi (Audrey's province). We have some paperwork that day/night and then the big day arrives.

The 10th is called Gotcha Day and from that day on we're with Audrey. We spend the next few days in her province, either staying in Nanning or Guilin. We then fly to Guangzhou on the 14th. We'll be there until the 19th doing a combo of sightseeing and paperwork/appts. This is where the US Consulate is and where we process out of. We're heading home the first day we're allowed to (the 19th) and with time zone changes we'll land in Portland around 8:00 AM on the 19th.

That's the scoop, we'll try and post more details as they come. Hope you can follow along on our journey.


Heather said...

So exciting! I can't wait to follow your amazing journey!! What an exciting time for your family!


Kathleen said...

Good luck! I can't believe you are leaving tomorrow. I am so anxious to hear all about it. Janie will have some great stories for show and tell...not to mention the best thing to show off. Her new sister!!!!

Kathleen and Company

Diogenes said...

Wŏ shì nìde ye ye!

Jill Foster said...

I always enjoyed following the Wongs travel to China to meet Travers and Amelie... I'm really looking forward to following yours now to meet Audrey! Congratulations!

Aus said...

We are so looking forward to following your journey - we started ours on the Monday of Thanksgiving week last year - and know so how you feel (we also adopted a SN daughter - at almost the same age - she was 06-12-06 - gotcha day 11/29/07). Can't wait to see your posts - until then - fair winds and following seas...

aus and family

Jo Flynn said...

John, Deb & Janie- I am so excited for you and will be following your journey. May you be blessed with wonderful experiences and memories to bring home. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love to each of you, Jo

Amy said...

This is so amazing - I can't wait to meet my new niece! I love you all, be safe and lots of hugs and kisses! :)
Auntie Amy