Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hey all - we're back in Portland. Dropped 30 degrees in temperature. Nothing much to report about the flight, which is the kind of flight we were hoping for. Really nice to get home. Neighbors/friends had food and welcome home balloons for us.

We crashed pretty hard. Often when I come back from a big Asia trip I wake up in the middle of the night but I slept through it. Everyone slept pretty well but Janie won the prize for sleeping nearly seventeen hours.

Audrey is transitioning well with lots of laughs. I've never seen a kid think that falling down is so funny. She's fearless and pretty much any time she falls she laughs about it.

No pictures tonight. I'm going to crash but if things go well tomorrow I'll get things transferred over from the laptop to the home computer and get a few more up.

- J


Aus said...

Well welcome home Howes! Glad you had a different flight home than we did - it's hard to compress a 37 hour ordeal into a blog comment so I won't even try!

Thanks for sharing your journey with us - now - let the adventure really begin!

hugs -

aus and family

Sue said...

Thanks for posting again!! I was going through withdrawls!!! It was fun to hear Audrey chattering in the background yesterday. I can't wait to meet her.
You have an awesome Portland Family!
Love you all
Auntie Sue

Heather said...

Welcome Home!!! So glad you had a good flight!

Fi said...

Welcome home! I've been dying to call you guys but wanted to let you catch your breath and get settled in first. It was so much fun to follow the blog. Kira and Keely have been talking a lot about Janie and Audrey and are looking forward to seeing Janie and meeting Audrey. I can't wait to see Janie as a big sister. Love to all
Fi & family

K2D2 said...

simply fantastic! we've loved following the journey. audrey is beautiful and the sister pics are excellent. i love janie's 17 hour sleep. welcome home!! hope to see you over the holidays. the lary's