Sunday, November 16, 2008

I know we posted about the medical appointment a couple of days ago but I thought it deserved some photos. It was extremely busy and crazy. Another family who had adopted before said their first experience was nothing like this. We were in this packed/hot/noising medical clinic with lots of screaming babies. Actually, Audrey seemed to be screaming the loudest so I have know idea if other babies were screaming because she was drowning everyone else out. Other interesting observation, I thought the clinic was just for adopting families but there were also Chinese patients there. So these poor sick patients had to be put in line with all of us too Audrey is feeling much better today and we learn new things about her every day. For example, she loves to feed herself. She'll let me feed her a little bit but she wants to do it all. Tonight at dinner she used a spoon, and she did it quite well. Also, she was going to bed easily and now it's a little bit more of a challenge but we'll get through it. She loves playing in the hotel room and taking stroller walks. I was carrying her every where but we tried the stroller one day and she really liked it.

And yes, Janie is a great big sister. Janie is having a great time on this journey and she has had to make a lot of changes and done it very well. John bought this hat for her in Beijing and Janie loves to wear it. It's sort of goofy hat too, it has ear flaps that come down and she looks like she should be traveling some where cold, not southern China.

On Sunday, we went to the Chinese Botanical Gardens. Very beautiful and both girls had fun.

We have seen so many awesome things in China but I often think what makes a country our its people. And there are some very gracious and kind people in China. People are always smiling at us and always offering assitance when needed. And trust me, we have needed it a couple of times.

Well, it's Monday night in Beijing and I can't believe we leave Wednesday morning. This has been a great journey but I think we are all ready to get home. We leave the hotel at 5 am on Wednesday morning so we are in for a long day. I hope this flight goes better. We'll try to post tomorrow night but it might be when we get home. If you saw all the stuff we had to pack -- OMG. This evening we bought another suitcase. Yes, we've bought a few things but for some reason it never goes in as neat when you're on your way home. Why is that? Alright I'd better be signing off --D

PS Thanks for all of your comments. It's been awesome reading them and we appreciate it so much.


Diogenes said...

NĒŽinai Rita LOVES the photo of the sisters in their "sisters" shirts!

Deb, it sounds as if you are back in Beijing? I though you guys were flying home from Hong Kong or Guangzhou?

Have a safe smooth trip home! See you all soon!

Women hen ai nimen!!
(We love you all very much!)

Nai nai gen Ye ye!
(Grandma and Grandpa Howes)

Sue said...

The photos are awesome--again, just like all the others. I am just so anxious for you to be home, want to talk to you sooo bad. I will pray that your flight goes well.
Love you all--hugs to everyone!!
Auntie Sue

Amy said...

I just love the pictures - the one of Janie and Audrey in their sister shirts is great! I can't believe the doctors office - holy busy!!!
I hope your flight home goes smoothly! I'll pray that it does. We'll have to have a conference call with me, you and Sue so you don't have to repeat everything twice! :) I'll see what I can do.
Uncle John - Sophia thinks the that when you drank the snake wine it was really funny!!! She also says - LOVE YOU and she wishes Janie and Audrey could have two sparkly horsey shirts! (We will have to see what we can do).
Love you and travel safe - talk to you soon!
Auntie Amy

Alisha Bice said...

Hey you guys. It has been great keeping up on this wonderful journey. Thanks for keeping this blog. You all are so blessed! I bet you can't wait to get your girls home and settled. Can't wait to hear more on the rest of this beautiful journey. Smooth travels home. Take care.

Kathleen said...

I guess you have aleady taken care of the "Christmas" card shot. Wow, are you good or what?

I won't call until you get caught up on your sleep. We have so much to discuss. We are thinking about you all on the plane wondering what part of the Pacific you are over and hoping vomit is not involved.

We are so excited to hear all about it and have enjoyed your adventures. Darn it, I wish I could be there for your return. Trader Joe's would definitely be involved. MC is ready for big sister lessons. Iowa is anxiously awaiting your return.

Kathleen and Co.