Monday, November 24, 2008

OK, so I'm finally getting to this. We're learning about time (or lack of it) with two kids. Here's a couple of photos from home, followed by some videos from the trip.

Uncle Mike/Bill - she's already about grown out of your alumni sweatshirt...

We're settling in pretty well. Days are really good - she laughs and smiles most of the day. Nights have been more of a coin flip. She's had really good ones with plenty of sleep and others where she basically screamed most of the night. Besides changing her entire world she's also battling a little bit of an earache and a whole bunch of teeth are popping through. But she's been out playing in the yard and is adapting to her new life. We're making good progress on letting me in. She laughs a lot with me (or maybe at me) and occasionally lets her guard down and let's me hold her. Gotta go...videos below.
Welcome to China

First book for Audrey.

Wrestling on the boat.

Wacky ride!


Aus said...

Morning Deb - I dunno - it all looks pretty cool to me, sibling stuff - and a 'robot richshaw' - sorry we missed that!

Have a great Thanksgiving Day - we've all got loads to be thankful for this year!

aus and family

Heather said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Love the videos...especially Janie at the zoo! Too funny!! Welcome home!

Jena said...

Hi Rebecca :)
This is Jena, with Matt, Ruby and Lia/Ping Ping from Heritage.
love seeing such smiling pictures of Audrey and Janie. I know what you mean about finding time with two - very few hours in the day remain...
drop me a line when you get a moment, and I'll send on some pictures.
Best to you all,