Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last night in GZ. We have a 4 AM wake up call and still have a little packing to do. Our route home is GZ to Tokyo and then Tokyo to Portland. We'll take off here Wednesday morning and land in Portland early Wednesday morning. Best trip ever, but we're ready to get back.

Fantastic day...Audrey turned a big corner today. She spent practically the entire day in great spirits. Heard her laugh a lot and we had hardly any of the mourning cries that we have been hearing. She even played some with me (John) so we're making some progress there.

Quick rewind...yesterday (Monday) was pretty light which was good because it was Janie's turn to get a quick stomach bug. She lost it, with it being breakfast in a store late morning yesterday. After a nap and a movie in the room she was totally fine. The rest of the day was shopping and hanging out at the park. We then had a big group dinner with all the families from our agency. I think there were eleven families. Nothing too crazy at dinner, just a little pigeon.

Janie woke up today at 5 AM so the two of us went walking until breakfast at seven. There were tons of people, or all ages, out exercising. Today was a combo of a museum, the Six Banyan Temple, the park, shopping, the outdoor market, and dinner with some friends from the group. Plus, the most important part, the swearing in ceremony at the US Consulate Office. Here we received Audrey's passport and visa. There were 52 families going through the ceremony that day. Audrey will become a US citizen when we touch down in Portland.

That's about it. We'll catch this up once we catch up at home. Thanks for following along.


Heather said...

Love, love, love the photos! Hope everyone is feeling better for your trip home. You have a beautiful family and it's so fun to finally see you all together!

Godspeed in your travels home!

P.S. Be prepared for a few hard days once home...the jetlag and all the changes are tough. BUT like everything else you have been through it will pass!

Sue said...

OMG, love the family photo!!Am sooo anxious to talk to you. Can't wait to hear more details about your trip--although this blog has been incredible, again, I am amazed at technology. It has been emotional for us following along on the computer, can't imagine how you have been feeling! Looking forward to talking to you tomorrow--no pressure!
Love, hugs and safe uneventful travels!!
Auntie Sue

Diogenes said...

It is 1:15 AM GZ time as I write this. I a few hours you'll be heading home. I don't expect you will read this until after you get home.

A wonderful trip, and a WONDERFUL reason for the trip! Now jiĕjie Janie will be busy introducing her mèimei Audry to everyone in the neighborhood!

Grandma and I are confident you'll have a safe and uneventful trip home. Then you can spend the next month unpacking!

We love you all!

Grandpa JC and Grandma Rita

Alisha Bice said...

Oh my gosh what a wonderful family photo!! You guys have two very beautiful little girls! Thanks for sharing all your memories. Welcome home soon!!

Kelly said...

John and Deb,

Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us. I've cried everyday that I've read your posts. It is such a beautiful expression of love to hear John's anxiety over bonding with his new daughter, Deb's tireless patience with Audrey and Janie's amazing spirit and excitement and ability to just roll with the punches. What a beautiful family!

Safe travels home. We will be praying and thinking about you as you make the long journey.

You know, I've become so attached to this blog - you just might have to keep it up John when you return to the States. :-) Seriously, let us know if there is anything we can do to make the settling in easier. I'm always a trooper for going to the zoo or museums.

Once things settle down a bit, we look forward to seeing you, meeting the new member of the family and sharing some of our own good news with you. :-)

Kelly & Eli

Amy said...

WOW - I love the family picture! Sorry to hear Janie got the flu bug too - poor thing. I'm glad it didn't last long, though.

I love the picture of Janie and Audrey - and how messy Audrey's shirt is - that really cracked me up!

Fly safely and can't wait to talk to you. I agree with Sue - this has been very emotional and exciting for us, I too can't imagine what emotions you have all gone through. We love you so much and will talk to you soon. Good luck with the flight!!!

Auntie Amy